Newsprint Paper

Newsprint paper is made of 100% recycle paper.

Product Name Brightness Explanation
PENA 52% It’s for newsprint & Students Exercise Book (LKS / Lembar Kerja Siswa Sekolah)
ADOG 54%

Writing and Printing Paper ( SUPERPRIMA )

Writing and Printing Paper is made of 100% recycled paper. It meets certain customer’s requirements for lower cost printing material such as for note books and writing books ( for low end class ), tabloid, photocopy paper and text books.

Product Name Brightness Explanation
Superprima 72% – 84% Notebook
NCR Superprima 81% Special product for coating/carbon paper
HVS Ninja 86% Printing paper in sheet, A4 size paper
Prima Gold 91% For A4

Envelope Paper

Product Name Explanation
E-Kraft Envelope Paper

Medium Paper

Product Name Explanation
Corrugated Medium Medium paper with sizing / cobb
Medium Liner Medium paper without sizing or no cobb
Test Liner Surface printed box