Committed to respond the market needs and requirements, PT Adiprima Suraprinta build its second paper mill with double the capacity of PM 1 in 2002. Currently, pm 1 and pm 2, together produce over 400 MTS/day of newsprint paper and recycled printing and writing paper. which is almost triple as much as its first production capacity. And nowadays, Paper Mill 3 is on progress.



  PT. Adiprima Suraprinta primarily produce “Newsprint Paper” and “Writing and Printing Paper“. Our paper machines were imported from Europe in which we have annual capacity about 130.000 tonnes ( from total of 2 machines ), comprising 110.000 tonnes of Newsprint Paper and the rest 20.000 tonnes of Writing and Printing Paper. We always aims to be a quality and customer’s satisfaction oriented paper manufacturer. The company continuously puts significant resources...



Newsprint Paper Newsprint paper is made from 100% recovered paper. PENA PRIMA ADIPRIMA   Writing and Printing Paper ( SUPERPRIMA ) Writing and Printing Paper is made from 100% recovered paper. It meets certain customer’s requirements for lower cost printing material such as for note books and writing books ( for low end class ), tabloid, photocopy paper and text books.


100% Recycled Paper


High productivity and ecological awareness? This is no longer a question. Ideally combines both and is therefore the perfect Newsprint Paper.

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